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Are you looking for Hunter Balancer Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Wheel balancing, also known as tyre balancing, is the process to even distribution of weight throughout the tyre and wheel assembly. It is traditionally done with simple static tyre balancers, which does take a considerable amount of time without providing the necessary accuracy.

At our wheel balancing garage in Malton, we work with the Hunter balancer.

The reason that we place supreme importance on wheel balancing is that it directly affects the quality and safety of your ride. An unbalanced wheel will cause constant vibrations while driving. It also results in the accelerated and uneven wearing of your car tyres. As such, as soon as you suspect that there is an issue with the balance of your wheels, bring your car down Terry Elsey Tyres and let our experienced technicians take a look.

Diagnosing balancing issues

If you are unsure about whether your tyres are out of balance, look out for these signs:

  • A nagging vibration through your steering wheel and floorboard.
  • Scalloped and patchy tyre wear.
  • Thudding noise accompanying the vibration.
  • Steering precision will be compromised at higher speeds (>70mph).

Whenever you notice one or more of these symptoms, take it as a sign that your tyres need balancing.

How often?

Even if you do not experience these symptoms, automobile experts suggest that you check out your tyre balance at regular intervals. Bring it over to our wheel balancing garage in Malton, and we will use the latest Hunter balancer to check the balance of your tyres in no time.

Experts suggest getting it checked:

  • Every 5000 miles
  • Every time you rotate your tyre set.
  • Whenever you buy a new tyre
  • During your annual car servicing

The reason that you should be thorough on this issue is that it not only affects your drive quality but also reduces your tyre life by a significant margin. An average tyre should last between 3 to 5 years. This includes proper servicing along with the consideration that you have the right set of tyres on your car as per the weather, terrain and your driving style.

However, unbalanced tyres can reduce the total lifespan by half or even more. So, if you are not too keen on spending extra on a new set of tyres, wheel balancing is something you should take seriously.

Hunter balancers at Terry Elsey Tyres

For long, traditional static and dynamic balancers have been used for wheel balancing in Malton. Hunter balancers are a much-needed shift from that trend with their innovative Road Force® Elite and SmartWeight Touch® balancers. These balancers are more sophisticated and accurate than their traditional counterparts and considerably faster too.

At Terry Elsey Tyres, we use these balancers to provide our customers with class-leading balancing services. Bring your car in today if you think you are experiencing any issues with your wheel balance.

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