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Are you looking for Tyre Repairs for your vehicle?

Looking for a quality tyre repair service provider in and around Malton? At Terry Elsey Tyres, we can help.

Tyres are one of the most primary points of safety, especially from the point of aversion. The Ministry of Transport has laid down the BSAU159 as the legal British standard for safety pointers when it comes to tyres. These are the same parameters which are checked in an MOT.

Tyre punctures, wear and tear, and tread repairs are as important in Malton as they are across the UK. The sole problem so far was that the residents did not have access to quality service providers. With Terry Elsey Tyres in town, they will no longer have to rely on semi-professional service garages.

Tyre repair mandates as per British Standard BSAU159:

  • No punctures on the central part of the tyre will be repaired.
  • If there is secondary damage to the tyre, the puncture repair will not be successful.
  • No puncture repair will be attempted on tyres which do not possess the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

Repair services we provide

We are the biggest provider of repair services in and around Malton. We offer the following repairs:

  • We provide lasting puncture repairs for the central ¾th part, which is deemed to be the safe repair spot. Puncture servicing is prompt and we use all the latest technologies.
  • One of our key responsibilities is ensuring that you use only those tyres which have a legally mandated tyre tread depth. We are pretty popular for our re-treading services.
  • Notice anything abnormal with the tyre’s sidewall? You can bring it to us immediately. Sidewall damage is no joke; the BSAU159 is pretty strict on sidewall damages and repairs.
  • In case of bead damage and exposed cords, we can help with modern technology to repair and service as per necessities. We can service bead damage and help service exposed cords. We keep our prices and service packages pocket-friendly.
  • If you have had any previous repair-work carried out, we can help make it better by offering more than just a mere patchwork. Our technicians can narrow down the problems and solve them over time.

Why choose Terry Elsey Tyres?

We offer three distinct areas of advantage.

We are the only major repair service provider who abides by the latest mandates and rules to provide legal tyre repairs.

Our service garages are helmed by efficient technicians who work with the latest machinery. They will first inspect the damage and then make necessary repairs.

We have the best service packages in the area. Tyre repair service at Malton has never been better!

Contact us for more details. We offer quick repairs with minimum hassles. Terry Elsey Tyres will help you have a safer and more comfortable ride.

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