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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

Summers in Malton are pleasantly warm. With the right set of tyres, one set if enough to get the job done. However, for many years, people faced a serious lack of choice as far as brands of tyres were concerned.

Now that we at Terry Elsey Tyres are in town, the local folks will have better choices. We sell summer tyres, winter and all-season tyres and performance tyres across multiple brands too.

Most of our customers come back to us because we have the best tyre inventory in this part of town. Summer tyres are one of the most in-demand types or variants around. We have Pirelli, Continental, Uniroyal, and Bridgestone summer tyres for you to choose from.

Why are summer tyres special?

Summer tyres have their own appeal. They are distinct from other types like all-weather and winter models.

Their main advantages are:

  • Summer car tyres have harder rubber composite built to last over long drives in above-warm temperatures. They have to navigate roads which are generally warm and dry. They provide better acceleration and exceptional grip and traction to help in braking response.
  • Summer tyre models are far more responsive than their all-season and winter counterparts when it comes to performance. This increases the cornering ability and helps in better overall handling. As a matter of fact, all performance car tyres are summer tyres which can provide additional performance.
  • These tyres will serve you for ages. Summer tyres in Malton are popular for this reason too: they offer value for money. These models can be safely re-treaded and used for years without seriously hampering your safety.
  • Winter tyres must be put to use when the temperatures fall below 7 degrees Celsius. Most months, Malton does not see that kind of cold, although winters are a completely different set of weather conditions when it comes to driving. Winter tyres are very crucial for safety on snowy and sleety roads.
  • When you buy summer tyres, you can use them for much longer periods over the year.
  • Lastly, summer tyres are easier to repair than other types. Winter tyres are not amenable to repairs. Summer models can be repaired easily.

Buying summer tyres at Malton

You can buy quality summer tyres online from us whenever you feel like it. Simply make sure that you log on to our website and then fill in the required data in the online tyre size calculator. Once you make your choice, you can save your time by purchasing them online from us.

Make sure that you make a proper choice when buying. Contact us or better still, drop by to know more about the right set of tyres for your car and how to keep them running throughout the summer.

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