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Kumho Tyres

One of South Korea’s most iconic exports is Kumho Tyres. For many years, South Korea was widely regarded primarily as a manufacturer of automobiles. After all, Hyundai and Kia are both Korean companies. As is Daewoo, which is now in a partnership with GM. However, Kumho tyres have rapidly gained a reputation for their safety, stability and sturdiness across countries.

Kumho started life 60 years ago in 1958 as Samyang Tyre. Its founder, Park In-chon, was a great believer in superior quality management techniques and the introduction of modern technology to tyres. This paternal instinct has carried on down to modern-day Kumho car tyres too.

Experts have noted that Kumho tyres have always been at the forefront when it comes to cutting-edge technology. For example, the implementation of silica compounds in the studs was originally devised by Kumho. It is a standard industry practice now.

A brief outlook of Kumho

Kumho has a great hold of the current European market. It currently has revenues of more than $4 billion every year. The next income levels exceed $150 million each year. These two factors indicate that Kumho is placed in a healthy financial bracket that will only serve to drive its fortunes north.

Kumho spends a lot of money each year on research and development. It also believes in safe and more responsible driving, as evidenced by its “Play Safer” campaign which it launched with the football club Manchester United. On this note, Kumho has successfully managed to integrate itself with the British psyche by sponsoring Man U, which is by now more than just a football club.

Kumho Tyres is well-equipped to expand its network in Yorkshire and across the UK. This is because of its strategically located factories. In the UK, Kumho’s biggest manufacturing facility is situated at Birmingham. It also has a large plant in Ohio in the United States.

Kumho’s distribution network is robust. Administration offices in Sutton and Surrey make local business and strategic decisions easier. Overall, even after Brexit comes into effect, you will get all your Kumho tyres online easily from us at Terry Elsey Tyres.

Most popular Kumho Tyres in Malton

Kumho is a pretty popular tyre brand in this part of Yorkshire. Two models that sell outstandingly well are:

  • Ecsta PS91: The Ecsta PS91 carries the long tradition of the Ecsta family by providing extremely hardy tyre carcass structure, better-than-average wet and dry handling, and superior braking. Overall, the Ecsta PS91 will become your favourite tyre in no time at all.
  • Ecowing ES31: This model, as the name suggests, has an eco-friendly nature and is extremely versatile. Many of the top-selling cars in the country use the Ecowing ES31 as their default OEM tyre.

Buy Kumho car tyres at Malton

At Malton, you will find the latest Kumho tyre models at our facility. Terry Elsey Tyres offers you the best bargains in this part of Yorkshire. When you buy Kumho, you pay for quality.

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