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Are you looking for Exhaust Service for your vehicle?

The Government of UK implies strict restrictions on vehicle emissions. If the discharge is above the legal limit, your car will not clear the MOT test and will be considered unfit for the road.

To make sure you do not face any such issues, we, Terry Elsey Tyres, have brought our exhaust repair garage Malton. We have a team of expert technicians at standby to cater to all the service related needs of your vehicle. They are experts in automobile servicing and will make sure all the necessary repairs and replacements are done so that you don’t face any issues afterwards.

However, before you bring your car to us, let’s take a look at some of the common signs indicating an exhaust malfunction.

Signs of a problem

Exhaust has the vital job of filtering the noxious gases generated by the car’s engine, reducing the noise that it generates, and funnelling the fumes outside. A faulty exhaust system will hinder any one or all three of the operation.

  • Noise - An odd noise will be the first indication of an exhaust malfunction. A rattling sound coming from your car's exhaust can indicate a loose mounting bracket in the housing or loose-fitting of the exhaust manifold. This is generally caused by the vibration of your car engine. You should immediately bring your car to us for an exhaust service in Malton in order to avoid further damages.

Also, you will hear excessive engine noise if there is a leak in the unit. Engine noises will escape through the leak before reaching the muffler, causing the excessive clatter.

 Low power delivery – Another sign of a faulty exhaust is poor power delivery. If your car is performing below par while consuming more fuel, it is an indication of a clog or leak in the exhaust system. If it is not evacuating the fumes properly, it will choke the engine, making it operate at a higher temperature. This will decrease the overall performance while increasing the fuel consumption. Such an incident will also reduce the lifespan of your car engine.

 Visible smoke – Probably the most common indication of a faulty exhaust is smoke belching out from the underbelly unit. This happens either due to a clogged exhaust or a faulty catalytic converter. Visible smoke from the exhaust is a major violation of the emission laws, and you can receive penalty points on your driver’s licence. To avoid this, bring your car to our exhaust repair garage in Malton as soon as possible for a repair.

Why Terry Elsey Tyres?

For our neighbours, Terry Elsey Tyres is the trusted garage for an exhaust service in Malton. We have some of the best technicians around, who will take care of every single component of your vehicle efficiently. On top of that, our packages are offered at prices you won’t be able to refuse. So schedule your appointment today; call us, or book it from our ‘Contact Us’ page.

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