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Goodyear Tyres

One of the few tyre manufacturers, who have established themselves around the world, is Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Holding the position of the 4th most valuable tyre brand, Goodyear makes some of the best product available in the market today. The sheer quality and the competitive pricing of Goodyear car tyres make them a favourite among car owners around the UK, and also amongst our customers in Malton.

 At Terry Elsey Tyres, we sell a number of Goodyear’s products every month to people looking for car tyres that are affordable, durable, and safe. We have an extensive stock of Goodyear tyres to cater to the varying requirement of our customers. You can also buy Goodyear tyres online from our e-store.

Why Goodyear?

Over the last 120 years of existence, Goodyear has proved itself in various competitions around the world. They are one of the most successful tyre manufacturers in F1’s history with more winds and constructor’s championship than any other company. They are still the sole tyre supplier for the famous NASCAR series.

Goodyear has some interesting contribution to the automobile industry, helping to create the modern driving experience as we know it. They have also revolutionised the marketing process by debuting the world-famous Goodyear blimp. Whenever you buy Goodyear car tyres from us, you are buying a product that is the result of decades of experience in the industry.

Do you know that they made tyres for the lunar rover?

When NASA needed tyres for their manned lunar program, there was only one company brave enough to face the challenges of the project. Goodyear did the unthinkable by creating tyres that would work in the absence of any environment and carry almost 360 lbs. Now these tyres are not available in our garage, neither can you use them in an earthly vehicle, but you do have the option of choosing from all their other products. Terry Elsey Tyres is one of the largest tyre retailers in Malton, and you will find the best products at the best prices whenever you visit our workshop.

A lineage scorched on the race tracks

Goodyear has a history of winning races that other tyre manufacturers are envious of. Their first entry (and win) into professional racing was in 1901. Between then and 1953, they participated in several competitions, and in 1954, they started their journey with the NASCAR racing. Goodyear car tyres also own more F1 races than any other manufacturer.

The knowledge they gained over so many years of active participation in the race tracks seep down to the tyres that you see for sale on our garage’s shelf.  Goodyear’s products are famous for their high endurance and exceptional performance, ensuring you a safer ride every time you take your car out of the garage.

Goodyear and Terry Elsey Tyres

Visit Terry Elsey Tyres today if you are planning to buy a brand new set of Goodyear tyres. We have the largest collection in Malton and offer the prices you won’t find anywhere else. You can also buy Goodyear tyres online if you cannot make time out of your busy schedule.

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