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Marshal Tyres

Marshal is a 25-year-old British tyre manufacturer. Their brand displays the typical British grit for durability, adaptability and above all performance. Now, you can get Marshal tyres in and around Malton as well Norton and Swinton at Terry Elsey Tyres.

If you’re about to change your car tyres for a new set, you can think about opting for a new set of Marshals. These tyres score high on value for money and are one of the highest-selling brands in Britain, Germany, Australia and Italy.

If you’re looking for a brand new set of Marshal car tyres, here’s a look at what you can get: -

  • Matrac MU19 –

This is the latest addition to Marshal’s range of car tyres. Just like every other Marshal tyre, this is all about performance and adaptability. Asymmetric treads provide above-ordinary performance along with high-end handling and grip, both in dry and wet conditions. Buyer reviews are out of the charts, and this set is flying off our shelves. Get yours today.

  • Matrac 5Matrac MH11–

High-performance with directional tread patterns, this set of Marshals will give you a comfortable yet thrilling drive in dry and wet conditions. It can deal with a hot, dry tarmac just as well as it can deal with aquaplaning, making it just the perfect set of tyres for your car.

  • MATRAC XM KH35 –

More than just high-end performance, these tyres are about sports performance. This set of Marshal car tyres can be perfect even for the Martins and the Brabhams. Marshal tested these tyres for racing performance right in their Birmingham facility to make sure they live up to the expectations before putting them out for sale. Unlike most other racing-grade performance tyres for regular cars, these tyres can provide a comfortable ride in city traffic. Plus, considering the special silica compound exterior lining for excellent wet performance, this is easily a top-notch tyre.

We don’t stop at just passenger cars, and neither does Marshal. Here’s a look at some more tyres they have on offer if you drive more than a car: -

  • SUV tyres –

This is the one-for-all SUV tyre. With next-gen tread design and compound, this tyre can provide street-touring comfort plus the off-roading prowess to tackle the occasional brook and marsh. Take your burly SUV out on the urban tarmac without sparing a thought for fuel if you’re on this set of tyres. Marshal claims to provide class-leading mileage and ride comfort as well.

  • Truck tyres –

Commercial tyres need to take some serious grunt and weight day in and day out. We stock Marshal KRS02 Longmarks in surplus as they are one of the most popular choices with our HGV drivers. Its deep and wide grooves coupled with flexible sidewalls improve the steering ability and dampen the shocks from rough terrains a typical truck or lorry has to cover.

Get your new set of Marshal tyres online from Terry Elsey Tyres. Our online service includes doorstep delivery. Also, get tyres for agricultural machinery and motorbikes along with 24 hours breakdown cover in and around Malton from our team of experts.

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