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Are you looking for Batteries for your vehicle?

Taking care of your car’s battery is easy if you know how to do it. A battery is a compact electric cell and has much technical wizardry that most car owners are not aware of. We, at Terry Elsey Tyres, now in Malton, help the local folks take adequate care of their car and its associated components.

Many local residents have asked us how to take proper care of the car battery in Malton. Well, it is not that difficult as we’ll try to give you some important insights through this page.

Taking care of a car battery

Terry Elsey Tyres sells new batteries for every car model currently available in Britain. However, car batteries are expensive, and you need to take proper care of them. These are the basic care tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye on the acid level: Battery acid levels should be checked once every six months. Improper maintenance results in stratification, which happens when the acid levels fall too low. By ‘too low’ experts mean a drop to 80% of the normal levels. Stratification also leads to shallow charges which can leave you stranded midway.
  • Conduct battery load tests: This is where a professional car service garage comes in. Only experienced technicians can conduct battery load tests with special equipment. Bring your car to us when you need such battery repair at Malton.
  • Keep dirt and debris away: Dust, debris, bird droppings can harm your car’s battery and not just the outer chassis. When too much dirt or grime accumulates, the metal plates start corroding. Eventually, the cell will start losing charge and will find it difficult to retain the charge. Keep the hood tightly locked at all times and never leave the car exposed to the elements.
  • Too much cold is bad: It does get very cold during winters in Malton. Firstly, always keep the car inside a proper garage. Secondly, use an engine heater when the temperatures fall below 3 degrees Celsius. If possible, always carry a polythene cover so that you can drape the car, in case you need to park the car in open.
  • Keep the car running: Make sure that you take your car out for a spin every once in a while. A car that sits idle will eventually rust, and its entrails will fall prey to various ailments. Especially in winters, never keep a car lying idle for more than 3 days at a stretch.

Buy car batteries at Malton

While our technicians at Terry Elsey Tyres will do everything humanly possible to ensure that you do not have to buy a new battery, sometimes repairs are not possible. On those occasions, we will help you choose the best battery for you from our store. Check out our range online. Else, book an appointment to jump the queue and meet us in person for great advice.

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