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Are you looking for Tyres Fitting for your vehicle?

As one of the leading auto garages in Malton, we understand the importance of a properly fitted tyre to ensure the safety and ride quality. Terry Elsey Tyres, apart from being one of the largest retailers of tyres around these parts, is also a dependable car service provider. For us, the first and primary service is to fit the right set of tyres to your car.

Purchasing a proper set of tyres is crucial. It must be remembered that even the finest quality tyre will be useless if there is a misalignment. It takes the expertise of trained mechanics to fit a tyre correctly, which is just what we provide with our tyre fitting service in Malton.

At our workshop, we use only the latest equipment to mount tyres. We have among the most advanced mounting machines from leading brands such as Hunter and Supertrack to get the job done.

What happens when tyres are not fitted correctly?

Most people who come to our garage buy tyre sets. They either buy tyres for the front or the rear wheels of the vehicle together. Even if one of these tyres is not fitted properly, there is a massive chance of damage to the entire wheel assembly. Not only would you have to change your tyres prematurely, but there are safety risks as well. So, we have compiled a list of the possible failures and what we do to ensure those don’t happen:

  • Reverse mount wheels

Reverse mount wheels are a fairly recent development. Many models of Toyota use it as their OE. Many auto garages that provide tyre fitting service in Malton are not adept with this service. These wheels require the tyres to be fitted from the back, failing which the tyre will exceed the bead diameter and may damage the wheel surface.

Our mechanics solve this problem by using a reverse mount adapter and jaw protection while clamping.

  • Lubrication issues

While mounting a tyre, it is paramount to use just the right amount of standard quality lube. Use too much of it, and it will lead to wheel-slippage; use too little, and you run the risk of damaging your tyres and wheels.

At Terry Elsey Tyres, we use only the highest quality of lubricants. Our technicians have the required expertise to use them in appropriate amounts at the required spots.

  • TPMS Run-flats and other modern technologies

Most modern vehicles come with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Tyres fitted with this technology require special mounting machines. The same goes for run-flat tyres. At our garage, we have the necessary equipment for taking care of all these intricacies.

Visit our garage to buy a new set of tyres and get them properly mounted on your vehicle. Call us to book an appointment.

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