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Terry Elsey Tyres has been taking care of the tyre requirements of the people of Malton and its surrounding areas for many years now. We are the largest tyre vendors around these parts and stock an exclusive range of tyres from multiple renowned brands.

Every driver has different expectations from their car tyres in Malton. Some want a fast drive while others may lean more towards comfort. There is no consensus about which tyres are the best because of that. We store all the different varieties of tyres for this precise reason. No matter what your expectations and requirements are, you’ll find a corresponding set of tyres at our garage.

Some of the brands that you’ll find at our workshop are:


Pirelli is an iconic Italian brand that has been serving the automobile and related industry since 1872. Currently the fifth largest manufacturer globally, their tyres are known to be highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

 Some of the bestselling Pirelli tyres at our facility include:

  1. P zero
  2. SottoZero
  3. Cinturato


Another old player, Michelin started its operation in 1889. Their tyres have stood the test of time because of the constant innovation that Michelin sponsors. The brand Michelin is synonymous with its 120 years old mascot, Bibendum a.k.a the Michelin Man.

Michelin’s most widely sold products are:

  1. CrossClimate+
  2. Primacy 4
  3. Pilot Sport 4


Named after the legendary Charles Goodyear, this American giant has been producing quality tyres for well over a century. They left an indelible mark on history when their tyres became the first ones to land on the moon on board the Apollo Lunar Rover. Goodyear tyres are famous for their durability and performance.

Some of the Goodyear tyres that are high on demand at our garage include:

  1. Vector 4Seasons Gen-2
  2. UltraGrip Performance
  3. DuraGrip


Germany has been a torchbearer in automotive innovation. Continental tyres are a part of that proud legacy. Their car tyres in Malton are regarded some of the best in business. The variety that they provide is unmatched as is the quality of their tyres.

At our garage, the following Continental tyres generate the most interest:

  1. SportContact 6
  2. ContiEcoContact 5
  3. ContiPremiumContact 2

We also store tyres from other manufacturers like Bridgestone, Hankook and BKT. All our tyres have the highest EU tyre label and have been tested extensively before finding a place on our shelves. These tyres are fit for standard passenger cars as well as SUVs, trucks and vans.

At our workshop, you’ll also get the doorstep delivery option. Just pick your preferred tyres online from our website, and we will deliver it to you in no time.

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