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Continental Tyres

Residents of Malton can now buy Continental tyres, one of Germany’s most famous tyre brands, from us at Terry Elsey Tyres. Many people who do not follow the automobile industry carefully only think that Continental manufactures tyres; that is not true. In fact, tyres are a small part of the enormous Continental AG, a German giant.

Continental is a name which is known for powertrain components, car safety devices, brakes and interior electronics. However, their tyres are massive hits in the UK as they are all over the world. Associated with top car brands like Honda, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and Hyundai, these tyres are perfect for use across all seasons.

Continental’s products

Continental manufactures tyres based on seasons. To buy cheap Continental tyres at Malton, you have to consider the season you are buying it for. In the UK, it is mandatory that you change tyres every time the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius. Now that winter is nearly upon us, you must buy winter tyres from Continental.

Besides, you can use all-season tyres too. Note that while such tyres can fare well even when it is cold, they are practically useless when it is snowing heavily, and the roads are slushy. Malton does see a fair degree of snow in winters, and you can buy your own set of winter tyres.

We also sell tyres based on the vehicles they will go onto. If you have a 4x4 or a performance vehicle, you can buy UHP tyres from us. In case you are looking for conventional wheels, you can easily get them too.

Continental tyres in Malton

Three tyres in Malton that saw great popularity in this part of North Yorkshire and will see high sales this year too are:

  • WinterContact TS 860 S: This is the most happening winter tyre for premium vehicles. If you are looking for wheels for your Bentley, buy this model. Armed with superb aquaplaning, greater skid resistance, and low weight, these tyres also have the highest EU label rating possible. Excellent for alpine use, they will even fit on a sports car.
  • WinterContact TS 850: The TS 850 has the proprietary ContiSeal technology, which helps the owners avoid punctures and accidents. These tyres will ensure a great performance year around and not only during winter. However, extremely cold winters unleash their full potential. They make for superb SUV tyres as well.
  • WinterContact TS 830 P: What sets the 830 P model apart is that it is extremely sturdy even for winter tyres, which are normally known for their solid construction. The TS 830 P model is a cheaper model than its siblings but offers the same quality.

Buy continental tyres at Malton

Please browse through our online store for purchase and more details. Alternatively, you can buy them from our facility too. Drop in and have a chat with our team. Terry Elsey Tyres loves visitors!

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