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Marshal 215/50 R17 Tyres

People of Malton have often been spread thin on choices for car tyres. The market has traditionally been dominated by a few multinational brands. However, the times have changed now.

At Terry Elsey Tyres, we are noticing a trend reversal where an increasing number of our customers are enquiring about and purchasing tyres from the comparatively lesser known brands.

Marshal is one such brand that has generated a lot of interest of late. They have been in the market for well over 25 years now. Marshal’s products are efficient, user-friendly and highly durable, which translates to a higher value for money.

The Marshal 215/ 50 R17 tyre has been hugely successful across the isles.

Each value in the alpha-numeric rating signifies a certain characteristic of the tyre. 215 is the width of the tyre in millimetres. The number 50 refers to the aspect ratio, i.e. the height-to-width ratio of the tyre. It essentially means that the tyre is 50% as high as it is wide. R and 17 stands for the make (radial) and rim diameter (in inches) respectively.

The reason for its success can be traced to the number of popular car models that use this model. There is hardly any brand that doesn’t have one or more models of cars supporting this tyre specification. Such as:

  • Mercedes-Benz E-class
  • Mazda Axela
  • Renault Laguna
  • Volvo C70
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Cadillac BLS

For these cars, and numerous more, one of the best Marshal 215/50 R17 tyres is the Matrac XM. Let us elaborate a little on the specifications of this tyre:

  1. The Matrac XM provides a high-performance drive for sedans and minivans.
  2. It is a summer tyre with excellent dry and wet grip.
  3. It is highly durable thanks to the interlocking bars which prevent uneven tread wear.
  4. The asymmetric tread pattern assures a comfortable and balanced ride.

Marshal at Terry Elsey Tyres

Apart from the Matrac XM, we have a host of other Marshal tyres at our facility. Visit our garage to check out the entire range. Call to book an appointment on any weekday between 9 AM and 6 PM.

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