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Marshal 205/55 R16 Tyres

The first thing that car owners have to take into account while buying new tyres is its size. Every car model has its own specific tyre size, and they have to adhere to that strictly. At Terry Elsey Tyres, we have a stock of Marshal Tyres across all sizes to satisfy the needs of every car owner in and around Malton.

However, there is one specific size of tyres that have seen an increased demand at our workshop recently, the 205/55 R16. 205 stands for the tyre width in millimetres while 55 is the aspect ratio or the ratio between the height and width of the tyre body. ‘R’ stands for the type of tyre, which is radial in this case, and 16 is the rim diameter in inches.

Marshal 205/55 R16 tyres one of the most popular sets in Malton. Some of the cars that use this model include:

  • BMW 1, 2, 3 and 6 Series
  • Buick Excelle
  • Chevrolet Vectra and Zafira
  • Dodge Avenger
  • Hyundai Avante and Celesta
  • Jaguar X-type

There are a host of other models that use this same tyre size. At our garage, you’ll find the following Marshal 205/55 R16 tyres:

  1. Solus KR21

This all-season tyre is undoubtedly one of the most value-for-money tyres that you can buy in our garage. Since Malton doesn’t go through extreme weather conditions, they offer a solid performance all-year around. The salient features of these tyres are:

  1. Low rolling resistance - greater fuel economy
  2. Unique tread pattern - comfortable and quiet ride
  3. Longitudinal grooves - hydroplaning resistance
  4. Matrac XM

A summer tyre of the highest quality, the Matrac XM is one for the performance-oriented drivers. Fit for both sedans and minivans, these tyres have the following impressive features:

  1. Tread blocks separated by interlocking bars for preventing uneven wear
  2. Asymmetric tread pattern for a balanced and quiet ride
  3. High-performance handling with increased steering precision

Both these tyres from Marshal are excellent choices if your car requires 205/55 R16 tyres. You may visit Terry Elsey Tyres if you wish to buy a new set. We are open for business on all weekdays.

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