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Jinyu 215/50 R17 Tyres

Being one of the largest tyre retailers in Malton, customers often ask us at Terry Elsey Tyres to ascertain the best manufacturer. While there are many variables that come into play while determining what is best for your car, depending on the quality of the products and the price, we can suggest you Jinyu tyres.

This Asian powerhouse of a brand has won British car owners with their products, and by far one of their bestselling products is the YU 63 Jinyu 215/50 R17 tyre from their range of high-performance tyre.

Jinyu YU 63

The tyre comes with the 215/50 R17 size. It is tailor-made for sports and high-performance vehicles. Its unique tread pattern allows better speed and handling along with improved road grip. It is perfect for the year-round mild temperatures of North Yorkshire. YU 63 a favourite among Terry Elsey customers.

If you look at the YU 63’s sidewall, you will notice ‘215/50 R17’ and ‘95 W’ embossed on it. These engravings describe the tyre properties.

‘215’ stands for the width of the tyre, which is 215 mm wide.

‘50’ stands for the aspect ratio of the tyre. It is the height of its sidewall as a percentage of the width. The sidewall is only 50% or 107.5 mm tall.

The letter ‘R’ means that the YU 63 is a radial tyre. Radial tyres are common nowadays and preferred by car manufacturers and owners alike.

The digits that follow the ‘R’ show the compatible rim size. The YU 63 is compatible with a 17-inch rim.

95 W is the load and speed index of the tyre. It means that you can safely carry up to 690 Kg and drive of a speed of up to 167.77 mph.

We, at Terry Elsey Tyres, will recommend you to not to drive so fast and to always obey the speed limits.

Buy Jinyu 215/50 R17 tyres

Bring your car to Terry Elsey if you are looking forward to buying YU 63 Jinyu 215/50 R17 tyre in Malton. Our team of expert technicians will install the units on your car for you. Alternatively, you can visit our online store to buy the tyre and have it delivered to you.

Drive safe.

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