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Jinyu 215/45 R17 Tyres

You must have noticed the seemingly random number and letters on your car tyres sidewall. Yes, they are there in every single tyre all over the world, and if you visit our garage to buy a new set, you will notice that Terry Elsey Tyres technicians will check your car’s owner’s manual and the tyre marking before suggesting you a new set.

These numbers and letters carry all the necessary information about that product. By learning what those mean you will be able to understand which tyre will best suit your car.

Tyre markings

Suppose you are looking at a product of Jinyu Tires, a popular choice of our customers. The sidewall says 215/45 R17, so what does that mean?

The first value, 215, represents the tyre’s width. It is measured in mm, so in this case, the Jinyu 215/45 R17 tyre is 215mm wide.

The next number, 45, is the aspect ratio of the tyre. That means it is the height of the sidewall with respect to the tyre’s width. In this case, the sidewall is 45% of the tyre’s width.

Aspect ratio is often followed by a letter, which is R in this case. It means that the tyre is radial in construction. Radial tyres are the most preferred type of tyres nowadays.

The last digit, 17, is the inside diameter of the tyre. This particular Jinyu 215/45 R17 tyre is compatible with 17-inch rims.

Generally, tyre markings also contain a load and speed index, but this value can vary between tyres even if they have the same properties. For example, there are 3 Jinyu tyres that fall under 215/45 R17 size, YW 52, YU 61, and YU 63. All 3 are extremely popular among our customers in Malton and have different speed and load rating.

Our offering within this tyre size

At Terry Elsey Tyres, you will find all 3 variants of Jinyu 215/45 R17 tyre. The YW 52 is available at load and speed rating of 87H, meaning it can safely carry 545 Kg and can reach 130.48 mph. The YU 61 is available with equal characteristics, and the YU 63 is rated for 91W, meaning it can carry 615 Kg, and can safely reach 167.77 mph.

Looking for a brand new set of tyres?

Terry Elsey Tyres has the widest range of affordable, high-quality car tyres. We will offer you the best prices on Jinyu 215/45 R17 tyres in Malton.

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