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Infinity 215/65 R16 Tyres

SUV owners in and around Malton will be glad to know that Infinity Tyres has finally come up with a model that is aimed squarely for them. The new Infinity 215/65 R16 tyre is one of Infinity’s most ambitious launches ever.

We, at Terry Elsey Tyres, have started selling this very model to our customers all across this area. Incidentally, we have been flooded with queries about these tyres’ performance and longevity along with other queries as well.

Infinity 215/65 R16 Tyre characteristics:

A tyre with markings that say 215/65 R16 means that:

  • It has a width of 215 mm. This is the total area which touches the ground and directly relative to the amount of grip it can offer in relevant driving conditions.
  • This model has an aspect ratio of 65%.
  • This is a radial tyre.
  • This tyre has an inner rim that has a diameter of 16 inches. This makes it ideal for sedans and hatchbacks but not SUVs and performance vehicles.

Top Infinity tyres in this category

There are two toppers from Infinity in this tyre specification. They are:

  • Enviro: You can imagine from the name that this tyre that this is an environment-friendly tyre. Low sound emission levels, better grip and an overall performance are the top features of this tyre.
  • Infinity INF-059: One of Infinity’s models that can take on the best in the business, the INF-059 is a capable tyre meant for tricky roads. Many of our clients ask us if these tyres are worth it considering that they are a pricier alternative. Our experts suggest this over numerous other models falling under the same specification.
  • Ecovantage: The Ecovantage is a premium tyre in this category. It is an all-season tyre for all types of passenger vehicles at Malton. It combines the efficiency of an all-weather tyre the durability of a winter variant but comes with a price tag of a summer tyre.

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