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Infinity 205/55 R16 Tyres

Looking for the latest Infinity tyres in and around Malton? Get what you want at Terry Elsey Tyres. We store the best models from Infinity Tyres including all its sizes such as the Infinity 205/55 R16 tyre.

Infinity has recently captured the public imagination by managing to launch a wide range of tyres in England over the last few years. The tyre markings- 205/55 R16- implies a lot of details about the tyre models.

Decoding tyre markings

Experts at Terry Elsey Tyres can help you through the details you need to know about the wheels you are about to buy. When you buy an Infinity tyre with the markings 205/55 R16, they mean the following:

  • 205 is the width of this specific model. This is measured in millimetres.
  • 55 is the aspect ratio of the tyre, where the height of the tyre’s sidewall is expressed as a percentage of the total width. In this case, the tyre has an aspect ratio of 55% of 205 mm.
  • ‘R’ indicates that this is a radial tyre.
  • 16 is the rim size in inches. This tyre has an inner rim that has a diameter of 16 inches.

The best Infinity 205/55 R16 tyre models

In Malton, there are three Infinity models in this size bracket which you can check out.

Infinity EcoMax: The EcoMax is one of the bestselling models in Malton. EU tyre label validate lower than average sound levels. These tyres are ideal for wet roads, all-season use, and long-distance drives for the superior grip and traction.

Infinity Ecosis: A slightly less budget-friendly variant to the EcoMax, we sell a large number of Ecosis models every year. The extra that you pay aids gives you additional performance on tricky roads.

Infinity Ecozen: The Ecozen is a highly recommended model for SUVs and high-performance vehicles; ideal for bigger cars which carry more people and cargo. The Ecozen is quite sturdy.

Buy Infinity tyres at Malton

You can always buy the latest Infinity models from us at Malton. Terry Elsey Tyres provides the best prices and packages on these models. We also make buying tyres online easier.

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