Michelin Certified Centre

One of the highest accolades that an auto garage can hope to achieve is being certified by a global tyre brand as a service provider. When that comes from none other than Michelin, it’s an even bigger testament to the service output of the garage. Terry Elsey Tyres has recently achieved this feat. We are now the leading Michelin certified centre in Malton and its adjoining areas.

The Michelin certification brings with itself the added responsibility of maintaining the standard of service provided at our garage. It also means that you’ll find all the models of Michelin tyres at our facility.

We have spent a considerable amount of money in procuring state-of-the-art equipment for various services. Michelin has recognised the effort we have put in sourcing only the best technicians and train them to meet the standards prescribed by them.


Reasons for choosing Terry Elsey Tyres as a Michelin Certified Centre

When you enter the premises of our workshop, you’ll find Bibendum (the Michelin Man) welcoming you on the front banner. Since our garage is a complete one-stop destination for all tyre related services, the standards we had to meet to become a Michelin certified centre had to be spot-on. On its official website, Michelin states that when you come to one of their certified centres, you can be assured of the following things:

  1. Quality service, both in terms of suitable equipment and professional expertise.
  2. Personalised service by qualified experts in a pleasant setup.
  3. Professional advice as per your unique requirements.
  4. A clear and precise report of the work done.

Terry Elsey Tyres is proud to state that it meets all these standards. Our garage uses the latest and most sophisticated equipment for tyre fitting and other related services. The cutting-edge Hunter wheel balancer and Supertracker Alignment System find a place at our garage.

With a combined experience of several decades, our technicians can provide the best possible professional care for all your tyre-related requirements.

The Michelin Edge

Being a Michelin certified centre in Malton, our technicians attend training courses and workshops offered by Michelin on a regular basis. These workshops ensure that our technicians and experts are in tune with the latest and the best industry trends. We continually strive to provide top-quality services to the highest possible extent.

From a customer’s point of view, the Michelin certification is a hallmark of a reliable garage. When they come to such garages, they know that they get the expert services and further suggestions.

The Michelin certification, while being an extremely powerful stimulus, does not change the fundamental fabric of Terry Elsey Tyres. We are, as we always have been, committed to the safety and satisfaction of our customers above anything else.

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