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Marshal 215/65 R16 Tyres

One of the brands that have been consistently well-received by the customers of Terry Elsey Tyres is Marshal. This British tyre manufacturer is a newcomer in comparison to most other brands that dominate the global tyre industry. However, their products are on par with any of those brands at prices which are often substantially lower than the others.

Understanding tyre markings

The Marshal 215/65 R16 tyre, in particular, has been on high-demand at our workshop. These tyres have a width of 215mm with an aspect ratio of 65. The aspect ratio is a tyre’s height expressed as a percentage of its width. These are radial tyres as denoted by the letter ‘R’, with a rim diameter of 16 inches.

Marshal 215/65 R16 tyres at Terry Elsey

At our garage, we have a host of these tyres available at affordable rates. You may choose one of the following for your car:

  • PorTran KC53 (Sports car, SUV, Sedan)

The PorTran KC53 is known as much for its fuel economy as it is for its grip on the road. These tyres offer excellent braking and handling, ensuring you have a safe and comfortable drive.

  • Radial 857 (LCV, Transporters)

Fuel efficiency, braking and handling- these are three key areas on which a Radial 857 excellently provides. These tyres have a balanced tread pattern with straight centre grooves, which ensure optimum comfort and low noise level.

  • Matrac XM

One of the most popular Marshal 215/65 R16 tyres, the Matrac XM is tailor-made for performance sedans and minivans. It is a summer tyre with advanced tread life. The asymmetric tread patterns ensure a smooth handling experience while the interlocked bars between tread blocks let you have a quiet and comfortable drive.

You may purchase any one of these tyres if your vehicle specifications demand this size. If you want more options or an in-depth analysis of these tyres from experts, feel free to drop by at our garage on any working day.

We have experienced mechanics well-versed with the nitty-gritties of various types of tyres. Consult with them before you make your mind about a new set of tyres.

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