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Marshal 215/45 R17 Tyres

At our garage, you’ll find the largest collection of Marshall tyres in Malton. We also offer professional advice on choosing the perfect set of tyres depending on your vehicle, and driving habits.

There are many things that you have to consider while buying a new set of car tyres- the type of tyre, which season you should be using it in and on what type of terrain, whether you want better performance or more mileage etc. However, all these considerations come only after you determine the size of tyres that your vehicle needs.

Many prevalent car models use the 215/45 R17 size of tyres, where:

  • 215 is the tyre width (in mm)
  • 45 is the height to width ratio (also known as the aspect ratio)
  • R stands for ‘radial’
  • 17 is the diameter of the rim (in inches)

Some of the more common models that use these tyres include Ford Cougar, Hyundai Elantra, Alfa Romeo GTV, and Chrysler Cirrus among others. At Terry Elsey Tyres, we have a number of Marshal 215/45 R17 tyres for your convenience. Some of the bestselling ones are:

  1. Matrac X3

The Matrac X3 is one of the most premium tyres from Marshal. This high-performance tyre has been designed especially for luxury SUVs, but it can suit any SUV. It sports asymmetric tread patterns for precision handling at high speeds. It also offers a superior dry/wet grip and advanced cornering stability. The variable tread blocks are aimed at reducing noise and providing you with a comfortable ride.

  1. Matrac XM

These Marshal 215/45 R17 tyres provide the perfect balance between performance and comfort. The sophisticated asymmetric tread pattern gives these tyres an undeniable visual appeal while ensuring a great handling experience. Sedans and minivans can both use these tyres.

While these tyres have been selling like hot cakes at our garage, there are a number of other tyres that are equally good. Head over to Terry Elsey Tyres today and get a hands-on feel of these tyres. Our experts will walk you through the specifications of each of these tyres so that you have no qualms about which ones to purchase.

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