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Jinyu 215/65 R16 Tyres

The first thing you should consider when you choose a car tyre is whether it will be compatible with your vehicle or not. There are multiple ways of knowing it, for example, if you are visiting us at Terry Elsey Tyres, you can ask one of our technicians to know which ones will go with your car. Or, you can do it yourself.

Every single tyre comes with a code on its sidewall. This code refers directly to the characteristics and features of the tyre.

Let’s explain these codes with one of the most popular tyres from our garage, the Jinyu 215/65 R16 tyre. Jinyu is a Chinese tyre manufacturing company which has generated immense popularity with quality products at affordable prices. They make 2 tyres in the 215/65 R16 size segment, one for SUVs, and another one for vans.

What do those numbers mean?

These numbers represent the width, aspect ratio, type of tyre, and rim size in the same sequence.

  • Width – The first three digits always represents the width of the tyre. In this case, it is 215 mm.
  • Aspect ratio – The second two values are the aspect ratio of the sidewall. It is shown as a percentage of the tyre width. In this case, it is 65% of 215, meaning the sidewall is 139.75 mm tall.
  • Type – A letter denotes the type of the tyre. In this case, it is ‘R’, which means that the Jinyu 215/65 R16 tyre is radial.
  • Rim size – The last two digits are the size of the compatible rim. This tyre is compatible with a 16-inch rim.

Tyres in this category

Jinyu has 2 tyres in this category, YS 77, a van tyre capable of safely carrying 1030 Kg. There’s also the YS 71, an SUV tyre capable of safely carrying 750 Kg and hit a top speed of 118.06 mph. Both these products are extremely popular among our customers, and we offer them at the best possible prices.

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