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Jinyu 215/55 R16 Tyres

Recently, we have noticed a large volume of our customers choosing alternative tyre manufacturers for their vehicles. This trend is especially apparent when it comes to Jinyu tyres. This Chinese brand had made a name for itself with high-quality products at affordable prices. Our customers are always looking for Jinyu’s products, and you will see a lot of their goods on our shelves at Terry Elsey Tyres.

Before you go through their products, you should know whether it will be compatible with your car. One way to do it will be to read the tyre information from its sidewall and match it with the recommended details of your car. You will find the necessary information on the vehicle’s owner’s manual, or you can bring it to us at Terry Elsey Tyres, and we will help find the perfect one for your car.

If you prefer to do it yourself, you have to decipher the codes that are embossed on a tyre’s sidewall. For example, say you are looking at a Jinyu 215/55 R16 tyre; the numbers and letters carry all the necessary information about that product.

All about a 215/55 R16 Tyre

The first three digits are the width of the tyre body. It is the area that is in direct contact with the tarmac or terrain. The value 215 means that its body is 215 mm wide.

The second is the aspect ratio of the tyre’s sidewall. It is 55%, meaning that tyre’s sidewall’s height is 55% of its width, or 118.25 mm.

Next up, you will notice a letter ‘R’ embossed on the sidewall. It means that the tyre is radial, the common most variant available in today’s market.

The last two digits refer to the compatible rim size. This tyre fits a 16-inch rim.

One of the most sought-after Jinyu 215/55 R16 tyre is the YU 63, a tyre for high-performance vehicles. This one is rated for a top speed of 167.77 mph and can carry up to 730 Kg weight.

Come, visit our garage at Malton and take a look at what Jinyu has to offer. We also sell tyres online along with doorstep delivery.

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