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Infinity 215/50 R17 Tyres

Terry Elsey Tyres is one of the foremost tyre retailers in the city of Malton. One of our bestselling tyre brands is Infinity. They have all the tyre sizes that you may need. Based on surveys carried out by our experts, we have stocked our inventory in a way that will benefit all of our clients.

Whenever you need an Infinity 215/50 R17 tyre, you can visit our facility. All the alphanumeric etchings on the sidewall of a tyre have specific meanings. At Terry Elsey, whenever you need new tyres, you can visit our website and order online.

The meaning of the tyre code

Tyres, as you know, have a series of letters and figures engraved as mentioned above. These represent some basic facts about the model. Note that these codes are universal and consistent across all tyre models.

Whenever you buy a 215/50 R17 tyre, you must remember that:

  • The tyre has a total width of 215 mm. This is the part that is in contact with the ground.
  • The aspect ratio is 50%, which is quite good.
  • ‘R’ indicates that it is a radial tyre.
  • This model has an inner rim diameter of 17 inches, which means that it is designed for bigger vehicles like SUVs.

The best Infinity tyres of this size

Infinity has a series of tyres that match all budgets and vehicles. Given are the two best tyres in this size that we sell.

  • EcoMax: The EcoMax range is one of Infinity’s bestselling models. The EcoMax is an ideal solution for SUVs and similar performance-based off-roaders. Customers can get the best deals on this model from us at our facility.
  • Ecozen: The Ecozen has recently seen a resurgence in sales thanks to many car manufacturers opting for it as an OEM tyre. The Ecozen is known for its low noise levels and excellent traction.

Buying new Infinity tyres at our facility

In Malton, you will get the best deals on these models at Terry Elsey Tyres. Make sure to check our collection out before you go anywhere else.

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